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Economics: Not only about money

“Economics” in English or “Artha Sasthra (अर्थशास्त्र)” in Nepali, say which ever but the most recurrent misinterpretation about economics is that it is the study of only earning money and creating wealth. This is probably because of lack of attention to its dimension’s’. I as a management student want people to have a general idea about economics like they have it for medical, engineering, and other fields.

So coming back to the topic, economics has been defined, and redefined by many significant scientists among whom Adam Smith (father of economics), Alfred Marshall and Lionel Robbins have given distinctive definitions in different periods. According to Smith, economics is the study of only wealth. Pursuant to Marshall, economics is the study of utilization of wealth to achieve material welfare. And as stated by Robbins, economics is the study of utilization of limited resources to meet unlimited demands of society.

The reason I abridged these definitions is to give you a proof of progressive concept of economics in the growing periods of its study. Its dimension has advanced from just mastering in wealth to being relatable with the social aspects of human life as well. Yes, economics explores the burning issues of the world like; poverty, inequality, unemployment, environmental degradation and so on. In fact, it attempts to interpret doable solutions to improve people’s education; health, environmental status, and the like.

Modern economists have even claimed all community services as a branch of economics. Economics embraces the findings of history, psychology, and other social sciences, as well as the insights on human behavior. So it is true that we see economics’ like we see the tip of an iceberg.

As time goes by, the dimension of economics will grow as it is growing today. In my informal research, I even found out that economics is the ‘queen’ of social sciences. We should know that money is just a material for exchange and that it is just teensy part of economics.

Can parties be less twinkly?

Of among 1000s of religions, every one of them has something in common, celebrations. Celebrations from birth till death. I would like to jump directly on my religion which is Hinduism. It is a religion which in my opinion has to celebrate every little thing which occurs in a person’s life and in my tongue these celebrations are called “nakhtya” for a smaller one and “‘bhoj” for a bigger one. Those who celebrate it feel great, but honestly I don’t want to be in this kind of celebration zone anymore.

I recently attended a party which celebrated a 2 years old’s birthday. And we all know she wasn’t at all aware about it. She was the main gossip of course. and the photographers point there nosy lenses flashing on her eyes and face. Her mother was a proud model but that little innocent girl didn’t know what was happening so she covered her eyes and face. She assumed that the photographers were about to splash dangerous things on her. And at that moment I made a plea to myself that I wont let my babies face these inconvenient gestures of the standard celebration we think we need.

I whispered to my mom, “Maamu (mum) instead of inviting people to eat chicken on my babies’ birthday I’ll unite them to do some prolific work for the environment and animals.” She said it could be a choice and stared at me for a moment.

But I honestly believe that there would be a world which focuses more on need rather than materialism.

And i hope the mode of celebration would change !


I am pondering

Hardening my brain think of words

My pen would love to write.

I am regretting…

To not have an eraser 

To erase the mistaken words..

I just inhale a good thought 

And exhale the wrong thing

The thing that elevates the anxiety

Which ignites the Lucifer 

Forbidding my brain to run , jump and play…

Maximizing my low immunity

But I gotta get my dexterity

To lower down my maximizing lowered immunity..

And this for sure…presenting my loved me

Split my brain from my body so hard

Can’t even feel the bloody foody  me ?

Swear to lord I am losing then..

Once I fell from bruse khalifa 

It hit so hard

Looks like I made a second thought

I will discomfit this REGRET 

By halting this lucifer for the future

By elevating the realization 

By narrowing the gap between thought and action

Through my soul reminding my brain of whom I buried inside my thought.

And huh…problem rediscovered

I am levitating from the weak me…

Regrets are pleasure and my pen loves to write. 

Review  on “Brida” by Paulo Coelho

If you have read “The Alchemist” and “The Pilgrimage” then you might have high expectations from “Brida” . And reading the book truly meets the expectation of our inner heart.


Paulo Coelho , the writer , has  sold all his majors to more than 100 countries having millions of copies in more than 60 languages. Brida is one of those majors.
Brida , a young Irish girl, is on her quest to find her path in the spiritual world and become a witch. She goes to the master of Tradition of the Sun ,Magus(Brida’s first soulmate), who lives in a forest. He teaches her to overcome her fear and love the nature. But she is not satisfied with this. So, she goes to Wicca , a middle aged witch who through Tradition of the Moon teaches her how to dance to the secret music of the world and how to pray to the moon . As Brida strives after her destiny, she contends over her relationship with her smart boyfriend Lorens (Brida’s second soulmate).
The book may be as bringing butterflies in one’s stomach or sometimes as exciting as to watch grass grow. It depends . Being said that, I found this book amazingly marvelous .

It may be because I too wanted to explore the spiritual world .
The beginning is about Brida wanting to connect to the spiritual world and ending is about her initiation of being a witch . The book is an enthralling and a vivid fiction.

I strongly recommend this book for those looking for their soulmate and wanting to be spiritually omnipotent.


The man

Adolf struggled to see the rankled piece of a slaughtered man through his earthy eyes who was seated right on the other side of our table. “Why don’t we get out from here!… “,Adolf managed to text me against the fear of getting beaten up by the man if he actually spilled it through his mouth.

” No we can’t , he is your dad ” said I despite the eccentric situation that laid in the exceptional table of Café Rui. We (he and I) stared at the man’s every movement of love he wanted to show to his only son after his wife’s death due to dreadful cancer. 

I love you son ”  said the helpless man with a salesman job that gives him a mediocre salary . Adolf frantically collected himself , he did not want to hear those stuffs from his dad who didn’t give much attention to his mom in need. The man used to visit the bar instead to his wife lying on the hospital bed.

“I am leaving …and never see me again u -u ..stranger!” , Adolf radically spilled through his mouth. “You come or not its your choice ” , he added it to me.

Just a few seconds after Adolf left the café I managed to say sorry to the man who now had tears in his eyes.The tears actually awaited to roll down only when the man’s child would have embraced him. But it tumbled down against the man’s heedlessly managed moustache.

Then I ran to my love into the car where I saw another woe scene of a son crying for his beloved mom and hating his wretched dad . But I can tell you Adolf still had some left over love for his dad that he’d never express….