Review  on “Brida” by Paulo Coelho

 If you have read “The Alchemist” and “The Pilgrimage” then you might have high expectations from “Brida” . And reading the book truly meets the expectation of our inner heart.


   Paulo Coelho , the writer , has  sold all his majors to more than 100 countries having millions of copies in more than 60 languages. Brida is one of those majors.
   Brida , a young Irish girl, is on her quest to find her path in the spiritual world and become a witch. She goes to the master of Tradition 

of the Sun ,Magus(Brida’s first soulmate), who lives in a forest. He teaches her to overcome her fear and love the nature. But she is not satisfied with this. So, she goes to Wicca , a middle aged witch who through Tradition of the Moon teaches her how to dance to the secret music of the world and how to pray to the moon . As Brida strives after her destiny, she contends over her relationship with her smart boyfriend Lorens (Brida’s second soulmate).
   The book may be as bringing butterflies in one’s stomach or sometimes as exciting as to watch grass grow. It depends . Being said that, I found this book amazingly marvelous . 

     It may be because I too wanted to explore the spiritual world . 
    The beginning is about Brida wanting to connect to the spiritual world and ending is about her initiation of being a witch . The book is an enthralling and a vivid fiction.

      I strongly recommend this book for those looking for their soulmate and wanting to be spiritually omnipotent.


The man

Adolf struggled to see the rankled piece of a slaughtered man through his earthy eyes who was seated right on the other side of our table. “Why don’t we get out from here!… “,Adolf managed to text me against the fear of getting beaten up by the man if he actually spilled it through his mouth.

” No we can’t , he is your dad ” said I despite the eccentric situation that laid in the exceptional table of Café Rui. We (he and I) stared at the man’s every movement of love he wanted to show to his only son after his wife’s death due to dreadful cancer. 

I love you son ”  said the helpless man with a salesman job that gives him a mediocre salary . Adolf frantically collected himself , he did not want to hear those stuffs from his dad who didn’t give much attention to his mom in need. The man used to visit the bar instead to his wife lying on the hospital bed.

“I am leaving …and never see me again u -u ..stranger!” , Adolf radically spilled through his mouth. “You come or not its your choice ” , he added it to me.

Just a few seconds after Adolf left the café I managed to say sorry to the man who now had tears in his eyes.The tears actually awaited to roll down only when the man’s child would have embraced him. But it tumbled down against the man’s heedlessly managed moustache.

Then I ran to my love into the car where I saw another woe scene of a son crying for his beloved mom and hating his wretched dad . But I can tell you Adolf still had some left over love for his dad that he’d never express….